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Help – my business website is a ghost-town!

It’s a common problem for businesses. They pay for a great-looking website to be built, it goes live, and… nothing happens.  No visitors, and more importantly, no phone calls.

Your company website won’t be automatically found without a helping hand.  So here are 3 easy ways that you can improve the situation, and start to see potential customers coming to you.

Speed up Social Media

As everyone now knows, social media is a great way of getting the initial word out about your business.  It needs to be done carefully and consistently to have the greatest effect.  First off, make sure that your posts are useful to people – meaning you’re giving them something of value upfront rather than just advertising each of your products or services.  This could be tips, a free trial, or an ebook that they can download.  By giving away something useful, the potential customer will begin to trust your brand.  And once they trust your brand, you’re much more likely to convert them to a paying client.  Such posts are also much more likely to be shared by your audience. 

But what if you just don’t have the time to post to Twitter, and then Facebook, and then the other networks?  It can be a laborious task, and one which puts many people off using social media for their business.  However there’s a great shortcut - use a service like Hootsuite.  You can get a free account that allows you to post an update to 3 social networks simultaneously, saving hours each week.

Get a “Google My Business” Page

Have you noticed that when you’re searching for local businesses, often the top results are placed listed next to a map as in the example below? 

Would you like your site to show up like this too?  The first step is to ensure that your website is listed in Google My Business.  This allows you to enter your business address, opening times, phone number and other important information that Google will use to compare you to other similar businesses in your area.  Fill out all of the details fully, add some photos, a relevant description and save it.  You may have great results in as little as 7 days depending on the local competitors in your industry.  For those without many competitors, this can be a great way to be seen quickly in Google.

Does anything else stand out in the map image?  Reviews certainly can give you an edge.  The company in position 3 in the screenshot is much more likely to get clicked/called than the company in position 2 simply because they have reviews.  Reach out to some of your customers, and offer to give them a discount on their next visit in exchange for an honest review.  You’ll soon see the effect this can have.

Get Listed - Local Directories

Get yourself listed in as many good-quality online directories as you can.  If they’re relevant to your local area, that’s great.  If they’re relevant to your industry, that’s good too.  And if they tick both of those boxes, then that’s a perfect listing.

The listings on their own will start to bring you a certain amount of visitors, but they also show Google that you’re more likely to be a long-term proposition if you’re appearing all over the place in such directories, and the search engine will factor this into its calculations when deciding where to place your business in the rankings.

The best generic directories that every business should be listed in are as follows:


There are many more out there.  You’ll have to judge the quality of those others for yourself – some just aren’t worth the time because they’re not seen as valuable sources of information by Google.  You’ll know them when you see them – badly laid out sites which are difficult to browse through – give those a miss and move on.

It shouldn’t take long to put all of these tips into place – it’s certainly possible to get through in a day.  You’ll start to see more visitors on your site in no time, and the phone should get busier as the weeks go by. 

If you have any questions about these tips or anything else relating to internet marketing, please get in touch with me, Cathy, at or call 01606 374995.

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