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World Wisdom and Philosophy

for Purpose, Balance & Inspiration and Happiness

by Annette Kingsley


An eclectic mix of world wisdom and everyday philosophy to guide and inspire you daily.

Each carefully chosen reflection serves as a guide on your personal journey. You will find strategies, suggestions and discoveries from around the world, combining eastern and western philosophy along with universal principles to gain a fresh perspective and bring balance into your life.

Read each day or enjoyed in full these motivational and practical ideas will inspire you to question, ponder or just accept what is, for an invigorated and inspired life.

Today really is the day: it’s your life and your design so grab yourself a drink, sit back and let this book open your mind to all that you deserve to be, do and have. 

Book Reviews: 

“I found Every Day Book of Insights very inspiring, in places so simple but at the same time deeply profound. I really loved it.”

– Geoff Thompson, BAFTA winning writer, teacher and martial artist

“Everyday Book of Insights, is the perfect little pick me up on a grey day. All of us can use a moment of wisdom and perspective in life which this lovely book delivers. Whether you use it to stay grounded or to spark deep, fulfilling conversations, you can trust that it will deliver what you need. I recommend you regularly just pick it up and turn to the first page you come to! Annette Kingsley’s nuggets of wisdom promise to keep you focused on moving gracefully through your life.” – Zen DeBrucke Author, the Smart Soul: Transforming Stress and Anxiety into Success and Fulfilment.

Annette is a rare individual with a great view on life. As a writer she has inspired me and helped to get my thoughts together when life has not always been the best. I would recommend her book Everyday Insights to anyone, I found it simple and complex at the same time, it’s possible to read it on different levels and take what you want. A great mix of all of the best bits of information I have read and use, like a great reminder, yet at the same time expanding my understanding. It’s definitely a book I will keep coming back to you and highly recommend.

Mark Gibbs : Black Belt & Entrepreneur : Climate Care Global 

When editing for days or weeks at a stretch, my computer sometimes goes batty. Most of the time “refreshing” or “restarting” will correct the glitches. Annette Kingsley’s book “Mindful Wisdom” is like the “refresher” button for humans. It is a chance to take a moment to re-set.  I will be keeping a copy next to my computer, so that when I have a glitch or a crash, I can “refresh” and “restart.” Thank you Annette for putting peace of mind in a book.

Yuriko Gamer Romer : Film Maker : Flying Carp Productions 

I dipped in here and there as the feeling took me and using ‘bibliomancy’ I always found what was pertinent to my day, my moment, my being. Words can be beautiful things woven through pages like moments in our lives and in Annette Kingsley’s book there are plenty of beautiful moments described on pages using woven words of wisdom, knowledge and hard won experience. Read it.

Chris Gill : Coach : Entrepreneur : CFE Worldwide 

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