Style & Confidence

When you look and feel fabulous, you Increase your confidence levels, but do you want to:

Fall in love with yourself and impress your friends?

Lose years and inches with minimal effort?

Feel better about your overall style?

Embrace your body shape?

Do you want to learn how to find your fashion style?

Learning how to find your fashion and dressing style are skills that help you project confidence and success. Those skills will last you a lifetime of shopping, even if your weight changes, whether you’re male or female.

We would like to introduce Sally Inkster to you. An expert Personal Image and Corporate Style Consultant and runs her amazing business Diva Dressing.

She’s put together- Diva Dressing DVD’s which show you how to choose clothes that make you look younger, thinner, taller, from the comfort of your own home. Running personal and group Consultations and Diva Days experience, in a comfortable environment her sessions are becoming very sought after.

Sally is also available as your event keynote speaker who will capture the attention of your audience, and infuse them with confidence and style.

Sally Inkster, Founder of Diva Dressing, Style Consultant and Speaker, helps you find your fashion and dressing style. Creating Confidence with Colour and Clothes

You’ll be looking and feeling fabulous with the right tools, advice and support you will be empowered to make the right dressing choices for your body shape.

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