We all need vitamin D

Are you forever tired and achy and still feeling the effects of the ‘Winter Blues’? Fortunately, Spring is here and with it comes the warmer, dryer, sunnier weather. This is the time of year when our daily exercise should really come into overdrive. From just a casual walk, a gentle jog or running in the park to team activities like cycling, tennis and water sports, working out can be fun as well as healthy.

 So, what do we gain from doing our daily exercise outside in the fresh open air? Well, in a nutshell, a whole lot of Vitamin D - which we get directly from sunlight! From the end of March to the later stages of September, this is the perfect time to maximise our outdoor activities and to increase our vitamin D.

So why is Vitamin D important for our bodies? Vitamin D helps our bodies to boost our immune system and to absorb important minerals like calcium and phosphates essential for our health, to keep us strong and healthy.

But what happens when we don’t get enough Vitamin D?  When we don’t absorb enough calcium, our bones become softer and weaker.  We run the risk of becoming more susceptible to severe bone deformities like rickets (childhood disease) and osteomalacia (adult disease) which results in bones bowing and fracturing. Rickets in the UK is increasing - the condition affects bone development in children and can lead to bone deformities.

As well as sunlight, our diet is also vitally important in getting sufficient Vitamin D. Foods that contain high amounts of protein like milk, oily fish, salmon, egg yolks and red meat contain a large amount of the nutrient and are extremely good for us, especially when eaten in a balanced diet. Alternatively, dietary supplements are available for those who are not able to eat sufficient foods high in protein.

We at SportW3 advise you to go out and embrace the sunshine! We live in the UK and should take every opportunity to get outside and top up our main source of vitamin D.


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